Three art work themes to explore, these links will show you sold paintings realized in the recent years.

The way I like to work :

I usually work for many days on single canvas .When I am painting a landscape, I first draw a sketch etching in the shadows, painting masses in the negative colors. When the first colors have dried, I come back on the canvas to put on colors I like and add volumes and lights.

Landscapes in France have to be discovered and felt deeply. Most of the time my husband Bernard and I ride on bicycles, in the famous areas of Provence : such as the “Pont du Gard”, “Uzès”, “Saint Rémy de Provence” or in the “Luberon”. At other times, it is during a horse ride in the Val de Loire that I am able to discover the wonderful Moulin I had always dreamed to paint. But the most important thing is to sit down somewhere, feel in its own body and soul the surroundings before painting atmosphere on the canvas.