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“Pointed look, quick and nervous hand. ..At the end of hand, a brush, the colors, the heart and the spirit of the artist. The hand slave and mistress of the work that will be born. In a canvas from Sébastien, there is always something that palpite, always a shivering excessive life under a hot and generous light. By a mysterious alchimie, the obtained movement does not have nothing motionless. Once past by our eyes, it extends himself in our head. “The paint speaks, it dictates its laws”. Odile Hervé Bazin.

Jean-Louis Sébastien was born in 1946, in Saintes, west of France. He has currently exhibitions in main galleries all over the country;

“gallerie Artemis” Saint Paul de Vence

“Gallerie Art Club” Paris

“Galerie de l’université” Lyon